Erin in a purple fedora, on a plane, her mom in the background.

My fabulous new hat. Not the best picture of me, but y’know what? I don’t have to be perfect ;P

Lissa with a silly smile, on the plane, book in hand.

I finally caught Lissa being silly, which she is with great regularity but always keeps me from photographing.

Our flight from Nashville to Dallas was delayed due to severe weather. Once we finally got off of the ground we lifted into a sea of grey, and emerged into this.

Because of the delay in the first leg of the trip, we didn’t have time to take any pictures of the DFW airport. Once we touched down in Colorado Springs I snapped a couple shots, annoying Lissa and my mom who both wanted to just get on with the drive.

Scrub land streaches up to jagged hills, with a mountain in the background.

Speaking of which, for someone used to driving through Tennessee’s constantly changing landscape, the drive was rather boring. Colorado’s mountains are very pretty, but the land is flat enough that the interstate
isn’t forced to pass through them and has very few curves, so all we saw was ridge lines lost in the distance.

A dirt road runs from the bottom of the image off to the right side, and fluffy white clouds float over a distant mountain.

Another landscape shot from the drive, my favorite. I’m no landscape photographer, but not bad from a moving car if I must say so myself.

To tired to finish captioning the rest of these, but they are all from today :)

Lissa sitting at a table smoking, mountains in the background.

Lissa and Erin hugging under a tree.  Close shot

An interstate sign reading "Trinidad" with an arrow

A tall mesa that sits just outside of Trinidad, CO