Fairly basic rule set for right now, pulled from the first post. I’ll flesh these out when I get a chance. I expect I’ll be making new rules up as time goes along, I’ll try to post about them when they happen, but don’t be surprised if I don’t.

  1. I’m big on freedom of speech, and I expect people to challenge me and my ideas. This is how we learn. This is my space however, and my patience has limits. None of these rules should be construed to mean that I don’t want you to participate in the discussion, even (or especially if) you disagree. If I make a moderation decision that you dislike and you ask nicely I may reconsider, but don’t press your luck too hard.
  2. Do not use my space for personal attacks on anyone. I don’t care if it’s Dick Cheney naked doing the penguin dance on the back of our civil rights, keep it to the point and refrain from personal attacks.
  3. Things I will not tolerate. Racism, Transphobia, Sexism, Ableism, or any other treatment of a person or group as anything other than fully human and deserving of respect.
  4. I reserve the right to disemvowel, moderate, and generally act like an autocratic ass. If I think you are being rude or uncivil, expect me to take action against it.
  5. Sillyness is fully encouraged, as is the commonly discouraged form of humor known as puns. Humor is still subject to the above rules.
  6. Summary: Don’t be a Douche, Have fun, and lets get this party started.
  7. P.S. If I make a horrific spelling or grammatical mistake, let me know…. in an email. not in comments.

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