I have a couple ideas brewing and some interesting stuff to relate, however I’m really sorta mindblown right now.  Will think outloud more later, but for now, some pictures.  Also to come later, fixing the photo posts so thumbnails aren’t cropped. **stabbity**

A view of the Radison hotel in Nashville, from a parking garage.

Concrete scored for traction in a parking garage, with marks radiating out from the viewer like sunbeams

An elderly couple walks quickly across the view on a Nashville street.

Late afternoon in Nashville, the Sun shining softly on Church street.

Columns inside of a parking garage, one marked "ELEVATOR" with no elevator in sight.

I want to take more photos of people, but I’m not sure how to get over the “Why are you pointing a camera at me you wierdo?!” factor, which I think is way worse with a point and shoot vs. a larger (and hence more “professional” looking) camera.